Travel and Tourism

Through travel and tourism our students will develop an understanding of UK, international and worldwide tourist destinations. They will develop skills needed to adapt plans to meet the needs of different customer types including those of different demographic, vulnerable needs and age requiring awareness and empathy. They will explore and factors affecting the tourism industry, including that of financial and historical, and be able to respond to these changes over time to meet the needs of the customer. Travel and tourism will not only generate an investment in the world around them, but also enthuse the ability to plan and organise projects which is an incredibly vital transferable skill.

Broadening students’ experiences and skills by understanding the global travel and tourism industry through participation in a range of different contexts and providing opportunities for them to apply their new knowledge in a practical way. The qualification enables students to develop their transferable skills, such as researching, planning and making decisions. 

inking to BTEC Pearson Set Assignment delivery over the two year course, leading up to the Component 3 synoptic External Assessment. 

ravel and Tourism: knowledge drill, use of computers, independent internet research, real-world examples and contexts, real-life business and organisation case studies, videos and documentaries, key terminology vocabulary (tests). 

Mock PSA windows, terminology tests, Pearson Set Assignments throughout two year course, Year 11 examination. 

tudy of a vocational qualification at Level 3, such as a BTEC National in Travel and Tourism. A range of apprenticeships and higher education degrees in the tourism sector.  

Learning Journey