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Ethos & Values

At Rudheath Senior Academy we understand that learning only happens when children feel safe and happy. Therefore, we teach our children about the importance of personal wellbeing and ways in which they can promote and support their own, and others’, wellbeing.

At the heart of our culture are the values of excellence and kindness. We strive for our students to be excellent in what they do and kind to each other within the Rudheath community and beyond. It takes seven seconds to form a first opinion; we want our students stand out from the crowd with a positive and cemented impression.

We celebrate the work of our students regularly and give praise to those who go above and beyond in our environment. We are proud of our relationships with parents & carers and we firmly believe that a strong relationship between the school, students and families is fundamental to driving our success. Therefore, if students require support or guidance, our staff team are more than happy to identify strategies and plans to ensure they reach their full potential.

To achieve good engagement, positive perspectives and subsequent success, we reinforce the values of professional conduct through clear routines and consistent boundaries. Our approach to behaviour reflects the world of work, with verbal and written warnings for behaviour that does not meet the appropriate standard.

Students can track the development of their softer skills through the 5 elements of the PiXL Edge personal development framework; Leadership, Organisation, Communication, Initiative and Resilience. The PiXL Edge framework is embedded throughout all aspects of college life to support our students in developing essential personal attributes for employability and life.