Curriculum Vision

The curriculum at Rudheath Senior Academy comprises a broad and balanced range and depth of subjects which aim to empower every child to seize their inherent greatness and fulfil their intellectual and economic potential in the rapidly changing world. Intrinsic to this is the role of enrichment to develop the cultural capital and life-knowledge needed to be successful in the world of work. We overcome social inequality by providing equity in challenge and a wealth of opportunity. Underpinning all we do is our ethos of excellence and kindness:  to be the very best version of ourselves, both academically and as a citizen.

At RSA, we believe that every child should have access to the best that has been said or taught. Our teachers work collaboratively to ensure this expert knowledge is shared and practiced by all. Strong routines for learning and high standards for politeness and obedience provide the foundation for effective learning and personal development. Excellence and kindness at every level is rewarded through our LORIC reward system and can be witnessed daily through the high levels of engagement, ambition and warmth shared across the school. Guests who visit the school are complimentary of the pride, maturity and dedication displayed by RSA students.

The curriculum at RSA has been carefully mapped out to ensure learning is sequential, meaningful and is enriched through a variety of experiences. Contextual to our school’s employer market, we have designed career based curriculum pathways at KS4 to help bridge the pathways to future destinations. Our unique Year 7 Hub offers a blend of wraparound and academic care to our new starters and ensures we are clear about the starting points that we must build upon. Regular formative and low stakes testing help feedback to students about what they know and and don’t know and how to improve. Exams for all years take place in December, April and July to assess knowledge and skills gained from the course content covered to date. Specialist teams of staff work relentlessly to remove barriers from learning and to ensure the needs of every child is met; no one is left behind.

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The aims of the curriculum at Rudheath Senior Academy are:

  • To provide a varied and well structured and sequenced curriculum offer to students which ensures deep understanding of individual subjects, leading to a rich body of knowledge.
  • To aid students in connecting new and existing knowledge so they develop fluency as they apply their knowledge as skills.
  • To build assess and build upon prior knowledge and starting points to maximise the progress made by all students.
  • To ensure the curriculum remains board for as long as possible though a 3-year KS3 curriculum that is interwove with enrichment and careers experiences and that offers a blend of academic, vocational and technical qualifications at KS4.
  • To foster a love of the EBacc subjects from Year 7 so the uptake of the EBacc subjects at KS4 organically grows.
  • To fully appreciate human creativity and achievements through a well-planned out curriculum enrichment offer which develops cultural capital.
  • To develop students’ numeracy, literacy and oracy, including the sustained expansion of their vocabulary.
  • To ensure that students have appropriate careers information, advice and guidance at all stages, and that options are open to students through their academic achievement and experiences gained at Rudheath Senior Academy.
  • To create a culture of high aspiration and competition through challenging content and to inspire students to become life‐long learners.
  • Promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of students, including fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith.
  • Promote knowledge and understanding of how students can keep themselves safe and healthy.
  • Build students’ character through the promotion of the 2 values we have chosen: excellence and kindness.