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At Rudheath Senior Academy, pastoral care sits alongside the academic and enrichment provision, in order to ensure that pupils receive a broad, balanced education in a supportive and caring environment.

There is a strong pastoral team who work closely with parents and carers to ensure all pupils are fully supported. The Assistant Head Teachers for Safeguarding, SEND and Behaviour are responsible for this important aspect of school life and work closely with the Heads of Year, Form Tutors and the School Nurse in all matters pastoral, as well as child-protection, safeguarding and e-safety.

We value parental views and believe that good communication between parents, pupils and the school lies at the heart of all our children’s development. Our staff are well-informed and always mindful of individual abilities and character. Lessons, enrichment and play times are all considered opportunities to help develop a mindful toolkit that will give your child the skills to approach their learning and life’s adventures positively.

Of course, there are those times when children just need someone to talk to. This is positively encouraged, and pupils have many different options to utilise including class teachers, lunchtime supervisors, support staff, the Senior Leadership Team and our school nurse.

We also have the support of a counsellor, when needed, for pupils who are facing challenges that require more in-depth guidance.

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