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Further Education (FE) refers to educational choices made after a students’ 16th birthday. It covers all qualifications lower than a degree. Everyone has to study FE until they are 18.

As well as A-levels, there are a huge number of further education courses for students when they leave Rudheath Senior Academy. Students can take level 2 and 3 courses to specialise in a specific technical job. Many of the courses are part-time or fairly short.

In the UK there are three types of institutions that provide further education (FE):

  1. school sixth forms
  2. sixth form colleges
  3. further education colleges

Sixth forms offer a variety of A-level and BTEC qualifications and are attached to a secondary school, which is why they are often referred to as school sixth forms.

Sixth form colleges offer the same provision as a school sixth form however, they are separate from secondary schools. Unlike the latter, Further Education (FE) colleges offer a much variety of courses including access courses, higher education-level diplomas and often, bachelor’s degrees.

Colleges may also offer apprenticeships and other community provision. So, one way to think about it is that FE colleges are on one end of the spectrum and school sixth forms are on the other, with sixth form colleges being the middle ground.

Guide to Courses

One of the first things you may notice when searching FE options is that most FE colleges offer a wider range of courses when compared to school sixth forms and sixth form colleges.

Most colleges offer A-levels, similar to school sixth forms, but they also offer other qualifications at a variety of levels including vocational courses.

Students from RSA can progress to the following colleges and sixth forms:

Sir John Deane’s Sixth Form CollegeA-levels and BTECs in a wide range of subjects.
Priestley CollegeA-levels and BTECs in a wide range of subjects. They will also be delivering T-level courses.
Warrington & Vale Royal College Vocational courses available in a range of sectors. Apprenticeship offer is also available.
UTC WarringtonTechnical college specialising in Engineering and Technology. This is an employer-led college.
Reaseheath College College specialising in animal and environment studies.
Crewe Engineering & Design UTCUniversity Technical College in Crewe specialising in Engineering, Design and Manufacturing.