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Our Careers programme runs from Year 7 to Year 11 and prepares students well for life after they leave the school. It has been designed to align with the eight Gatsby Benchmarks which have been recognised by the government as outlining the requirements of an excellent careers programme.

Our comprehensive Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance programme for Year 7 to Year 11 pupils is designed to ensure that all our students are supported to develop the skills and knowledge they will need to make successful educational and career choices.

The aim of CEIAG is to raise our students’ aspirations and open their eyes to the endless world of possibilities after they leave us at Rudheath and embark on the next stage of young adulthood. We aim to inspire our children with meaningful encounters through the world of work, helping them understand where different choices and learning at this stage can lead them in their future career.

The Rudheath Promise summaries our approach to careers education for all students from Year 7 – Year 11.

We will create strong links with external providers including colleges, technical colleges, employers, apprenticeship providers, universities and local businesses, to provide our students with a broad range of engagement activities to enhance their professional development and future career planning.

Through the RSA PSHCE programme, students will develop knowledge and understanding of key skills required for specific industry roles. By Year 11, we will support students to make an informed choice about an academic option, for those interested in going to University and a technical route, including T Levels or an apprenticeship.

Gatsby Benchmarks

The Rudheath Senior Academy is committed to working to implement the Gatsby Benchmarks, as set out by the Government in 2018. More information about these benchmarks can be found here: https://www.gatsby.org.uk/education/focus-areas/good-career-guidance

Information, Advice and Guidance at Rudheath

The Rudheath Senior Academy has a statutory duty for securing impartial IAG for all students.  We aim to provide all of our students with a range of impartial, high quality and up to date IAG on Level 2 study as well as post-16 opportunities.  IAG at RSA is delivered across a number of platforms including learning activities, careers events and impartial career guidance during Year 11.

Careers Lead

Mr Thomas Davies, Careers and Destinations Coordinator


All subjects at The Rudheath Senior Academy are expected to link their curriculum to real-world career paths. This will be delivered in lessons at each key stage and through trips, employer visits and encounters.


The Rudheath Senior Academy recognises the value that employers can provide to learners’ education and decision making about their future. We therefore welcome offers of support and involvement from employers across all industries.  We host several Careers events throughout the academic year, including mock interviews, career talks and a biennial careers fair; employers, apprenticeship / training providers and representatives from Further and Higher Education are welcome to get involved. Please contact Mr Thomas Davies (admin@rudheathsenioracademy.org.uk ) if your organisation would like to engage with the CEIAG at The Rudheath Senior Academy.

How We Measure and Assess the Impact of our Careers Programme

  • Destination measures for Y11
  • Learner voice, parent/staff feedback
  • Employer feedback
  • Visiting partners
  • Compass self-evaluation tool

Useful Websites:

Apprenticeships – https://www.apprenticeships.gov.uk

Careers Box – https://www.careersbox.co.uk

Labour Market Information – https://bridgegm.co.uk/labour-market-information

Labour Market Information –  http://www.lmiforall.org.uk/

National Careers Service – https://nationalcareers.service.gov.uk/home