School Nurse

Closing Date: February 28, 2020 12:00 pm

Job Title:                  School Nurse

Location:                  Rudheath, Northwich, Cheshire

Hours of work:        32.5 hours per week / Term time only

Required:                 ASAP



School:                                                                   Rudheath Senior Academy

Head Teacher:                                                      Lee Barber

Address:                                                                Middlewich Rd, Rudheath, Northwich, CW9 7DT

Tel:                                                                         01606 42515

School Website Address:                         

Position Advertised:                                            Nurse

Term time only 32.5 hours per week

Closing date for applications:                            28th February 2020

Applications obtained and returned to:          Louise Dunkerley


‘Resilience Scholarship and Ambition’ is Rudheath Senior Academy’s motto. This couples with an ethos to teach pupils how to learn from mistakes, engage them in education and to aim high and achieve their potential, all in a culture of encouragement and support.


Rudheath Senior Academy has identified the need to employ a school nurse to work alongside the pastoral team.


As a registered practitioner, you will assist our pupils on their journey at high school, to guide them through the years of being a teenager – where adults and the world are a mystery, and the planets are not aligned.


You will promote the wellbeing of the pupils at all times, giving each individual the time they need to navigate through the tricky teenage years.


You will ensure that all children, whilst on their journey at Rudheath, have a positive experience, enabling them to build resilience and to actively participate in their lessons to reach their full potential.


Would you be happy with an open door policy, where everyone is seen, however big or small their need; dealing with a wide-range of issues – from plasters needed for blisters and mental health issues to support, and educating teenagers on safe sex?


It’s a role which will challenge and provide rewards every day of the week.


You will need to have strong interpersonal skills, a desire to make a difference in children’s lives, a sense of humour and be a team player to ensure that nothing goes unnoticed in the care of our children.


Main Area of Responsibility


  • Review, monitor and accurately record the health status of all pupils on entry to the school
  • Liaise with the local health authorities, making arrangement for inoculation programmes.
  • Work with SLT, teachers, support staff and the pastoral team to identify children with particular concerns.
  • Work alongside parents, carers and specialist health professionals to develop in school care plans for pupils with additional health requirements and long terms conditions.
  • Implement and maintain arrangements for first-aid provision, ensuring compliance with statutory requirements, including carrying out risk assessments.
  • Play an active role in health promotion through supporting and assisting with the school PHSE programme.
  • Advise the Headteacher and SLT in the development of health-related policies.
  • Support in arranging trips, identifying potential issues in medication and health problems, and putting in place suitable precautions.
  • Monitor, maintain and update student medical records on the school database.
  • Contribute to the development of the school’s emergency plans, including responses to scenarios such as bugs, infections and diseases.
  • Follow and implement DfE guidance on the public outbreak of viruses
  • Provide initial healthcare advice and diagnosis.
  • Prepare reports as required for the Headteacher, SLT or the Safeguarding team.
  • Ensure that first aid kits throughout the school are maintained to meet the school’s requirements.
  • Ensure that all dispensed treatment and all used supplies are recorded.
  • Ensure that supplies are replenished and stored meeting minimum requirement by inspectors.
  • Promote healthy lifestyles, including safe-sex education.
  • Work alongside the safeguarding team to identify and act to safeguard pupils at risk (or suffering) from forms of abuse and neglect.
  • Monitor student visits to identity problems and patterns and refer these to the safeguarding and pastoral team when necessary.
  • Provide contraceptive advice to pupils who require it, whilst upholding the values of the school’s Sex and Relationships policies.
  • Devise and implement methods to ensure that the pupils who are the most vulnerable are supported properly.
  • Support, work alongside and guide the pastoral team on concerns raised.
  • Train and update teachers and staff on healthcare issues.
  • Advise parents and staff on outbreaks and immunisation.
  • Uphold medical confidentiality in line with legal duties, maintain and record accurately.
  • Support pupils with conditions such as asthma, diabetes, epilepsy.
  • Provide guidance and support for pupils displaying mental health disorders.
  • Actively promote mental health wellness to staff and pupils
  • Raise awareness of health issues such as mental health, smoking, drinking and drug abuse.
  • Work closely with other agencies, including CAMHS social care, police, mental health services.

Added Specific responsibilities


  • Work towards the current objectives outlined in the Schools development plan, supporting the school’s responsibility to safeguarding students and the school vision.
  • Work within school health and safety policies to ensure a safe environment for students and visitors.
  • Work with other school leaders in the Trust to develop best practice
  • Work within the school’s equality and diversity policy to promote and support equality among all pupils and staff.
  • Maintain high standards of confidentiality.
  • Adhere to all relevant policies


Person Specification

Attributes Description Desirable
Qualifications State Registered Nurse Evidence of commitment to

professional development

Knowledge and Experience Awareness of current developments in school nursing services

Knowledge of safeguarding procedures

Knowledge of medical confidentiality

Awareness of current public health services and legislation

Knowledge of infection control.

Paediatric care experience

Working with children and families

Experience of counselling/counselling services

Experience of infection control

Experience in organising and managing vaccinations and other medical care

needed for students

Experience in organising and managing first aid

training for relevant staff members and managing first aid logs.

Administering medication to students.

Writing care plans for students with medical concerns

Understanding the process of

risk management and risk


Working in a community

Sports injuries training

Can train first aiders


Application Form – Feb 2020