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Headteacher’s Newsletter

Rudheath Senior Academy Headteacher’s Newsletter

Friday 10 May 2019


This week started with a delightful email from Paige Wood’s mum telling me all about Paige’s weekend in the Glasgow Gymfest with her gymnastics team. Paige and her team performed their new routine “The Greatest Showman” and she was one of over 1000 gymnasts performing there.

Paige is a keen gymnast and I have no doubt we will be seeing much more from her!

Costumes for Mary Poppins Jr

Costumes and props are being sorted out for Mary Poppins Jr and performers and back stage crew have been busily sorting through. With our new curtains up, I’m really looking forward to seeing our theatre in full action. If you have any of the following that you can spare please contact Miss Kennedy via the academy:

Mary Poppins costume
Feather duster – old style (plain feathers – not dyed)
Old small leather suitcases
Old satchel style brief cases
Large carpet bag for Mary Poppins (that you don’t need back as it needs to be altered to make the Poppins magic happen!)
Ink well and fountain pen/feather pen
Artist’s canvas
4 Parasols
8 Clipboards
Ledgers (or old books that look like bank ledgers)
Fake potted plants
Large plastic jars and containers for candy and sweets for the shop
Old style children’s books or books we can paint
Wooden blocks
Victorian telephone
Silver look tea serving set
Silver looking serving tray
Tea set
Silver look candle sticks and candles
Toys – should look like Victorian style for instance wooden pull toy
12 red silk carnations
Old spyglass style telescope
Flat caps and Waistcoats (Chimney sweeps)
Old dresser/ chest of drawers (that is no longer needed to be altered for more Poppins magic!)
Spare paint any colours
Wood- Large sheets or long batons that can used for building set and scenery.
Tea cart/trolley
Wooden handled brooms
Large (plastic) vase or Jar
Icing tools
Long thin bamboo canes or thin plastic tubing (to attach kites)
Long skirts or dresses with long sleeves
Long sleeve blouses
White aprons and maid’s caps
Bright coloured hats
Suit jackets
Bright yellow Tulle/netting material (to create skirts/wings for bees)
Fabric large sheets, any colour.
Arm Chairs (the Bank’s house)

2engage Performing Arts CIC

On Thursday, Mr Russell arranged for 2engage to come in and perform for year 9 and 10 learners, showing the possible consequences of risky behaviour and to raise awareness and challenge perceptions. Young people today are exposed to all manner of challenges via social media and directly by their peers and others and we are keen to give them the tools they need to stay safe. It was the first performance on our newly polished floors and with our beautiful new curtains – we’re getting there.

Mrs Johns New Baby

We were thrilled to meet Mrs Johns new baby yesterday. She is just gorgeous and colleagues were queuing for a cuddle with her, although at 6 weeks I’m not sure that she was too impressed with all the attention!
A big congratulations to the Johns family on their new addition.

Student Leadership Interviews

This afternoon I had the honour of interviewing for the Student Leadership posts. All the candidates acquitted themselves well and it is just such a privilege to work with young people who have such passion for their school and their fellow learners. Mr Docking, CEO of NWAT, joined me for the interviews and he was so impressed with how the candidates conducted themselves. Well done to all year 10 who put themselves forward. The outcomes of the interviews will be finalised on Monday. Watch this space.

Year 11 Exams

The main body of year 11 exams start on Monday. In preparation, the English department are running Sunday school this weekend 10am – 12noon and over the course of the next week there will be breakfast sessions Tuesday to Friday morning from 7:30am where we will provide a light breakfast for learners.

Tuesday – French
Wednesday – English
Thursday – Chemistry
Friday – French

All year 11 have been issued with a personalised timetable for the coming week with revision sessions included – please ensure that your child attends to get the most out of the time they have left.

So we end another week. The weather still hasn’t cheered up but it certainly isn’t dampening our spirits here at Rudheath Senior where it’s all about resilience, scholarship and ambition.

Ms Roslan