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Headteacher’s Newsletter

Rudheath Senior Academy Headteacher’s Newsletter

Friday 10 January 2020

Happy New Year to all and welcome back to the Spring term!

Hummingbird Project

This week, all year 7 started the Hummingbird Project, a bespoke, evidence-based 8-week Emotional Wellbeing training course that gives young people the techniques and tools to become more emotionally resilient whilst also introducing them to the key concepts of Positive Psychology.

The workshops is co-designed by MedEquip4Kids, psychologists at the University of Bolton and young people from across the North West and is delivered by MedEquip4Kids’ Project Co-ordinator and volunteers who have lived experience of mental health issues.

The aim is to make a real, measurable difference to young people’s emotional wellbeing, help young people and school staff to become more aware of the early warning signs, alleviate pressure on services, and reduce the stigma associated with mental illnesses.

Ask your year 7 child about how it went!

Year 11 GCSE Mock Results Day

Senior leaders met all year 11 and their parents on Friday to discuss their mock exam results. It was an opportunity to discuss next steps, ambitions and strategies for success.

If you have any further questions regarding mock results, GCSE exams and exams access arrangements please contact Mrs Morrell or Mr Wright.

Autism Inclusive School Award

Mrs Leftwick and the SEND team have been working hard to complete the Autism Service Social Communication Programme and this week their certificate to confirm that we are an “Autism Inclusive School” arrived.

It makes me very proud that Rudheath Senior is a truly comprehensive school with children of all different abilities, backgrounds and need working together as a team to achieve our values of #resilience #scholarship and #ambition – it’s not always easy, but we always do our best to support our learners’ success!

Project Phoenix

Project Phoenix continues and as you would expect in an 83 year old building, there have been a number of complexities that have extended the completion time. Keep an eye out for updates on our social media pages.


Miss Fleming and Mr Coyne have been settling in to their first week at Rudheath Senior as have a number of new learners. It’s wonderful to see the school grow in numbers.

Well the weekend is here – I hope the clouds stay away enough for us to see the lunar eclipse. Take care.

Ms Roslan