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Headteacher’s Newsletter

Rudheath Senior Academy Headteacher’s Newsletter

Friday 25 October 2019

The first and longest half term is complete and as always our learners and my team of colleagues have pulled out all the stops. It is such a joy to be the Headteacher at this wonderful school!

Year 7

Year 7 are settling in well, taking part in clubs and sports, representing the school and negotiating the hallways and dining room with confidence. They have all been on at least one visit this half term and are growing in confidence each day.

The transition from primary to secondary can be daunting for children and their parents and I have to say our year 7 have risen to the occasion. For a number of reasons, some of our year 7 joined us late and have been made welcome by their class mates with kindness and inclusivity – values I believe really make our school special.

Most of year 7 have are making the most of the opportunities they have been presented with and the year 7 parents out there should be very proud. I certainly am!

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Harley produced a very impressive Einstein/Frankenstein mashup to win the history department’s pumpkin carving prize. A big thank you to Mr Lambert for organising the competition and bringing history to life.

Year 11

Year 11 have hit the floor running and returned to their final year at Rudheath with a really positive attitude to their studies. They have been going to period 6 lessons after school in all subjects and there is a feel of purposeful focus across the board.
This Friday, year 11 have been issued with packs of revision for their mock exams starting on the 25th November and I was absolutely thrilled when one of my year 11 asked if there was more!

On Monday and Tuesday of next week, all year 11 art students are encouraged to come to school to work on their sketch books – all of which go towards their final GCSE grades.

In February there will be a weekend residential to really kick on before the GCSE exams this summer. Mr Wright will be issuing letters after the break – so check those bags!

House System and Student Leaders

As you know we have a brilliant student leadership team who take an active role in school events and meet with me each cycle to feedback about everything and anything from teaching and learning to the school canteen. I can’t tell you enough what an asset they are to the school and next half term their roles will shift again as they start the launch of our new house system.

Each of the four houses is named after a local Iron Age fort and Miss Walker and her art team are busily making the shields. The function of the house system is to build a strong sense of community and family belonging and our Head Girl/Boy team will be working closely with our House Captains to get the ball rolling.

Just as a reminder to all of our Student Leaders:

Head Girl – Grace Palmer
Head Boy – Lewis Gibson
Deputy Head Girl – Emily Hayes
Deputy Head Boy – Alex Taylor
House Captain Beeston – Kira Rathbone
House Captain Kelsborrow – Tyler Mitchell
House Captain Woodhouse – Kate Dewsbury
House Captain Eddisbury – Al Maude

All learners will be issued with a house badge after the holidays – let’s see which house will be this year’s winners!


A reminder that Monday 4th November is an INSET day. We will be working here at Rudheath Senior with our colleagues from Lostock Gralam Primary, Rudheath Primary, Victoria Road Primary, Wincham Primary and Witton Church Walk Primary – always a great day.

Have a super half term and I do hope the weather cheers up for us all.

Ms Roslan