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Frequently Asked Questions

Rudheath Senior Academy- Home Learning- FAQ

I am a key worker, should my child still go to school?

Government guidelines state that children should not be in school; if it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be. If a child needs specialist support, is vulnerable or have parents who are keyworkers then educational provision will be available for them. Therefore, if BOTH parents are key workers and it is not safe your child to be at home on their own, then schools will accommodate them. We anticipate this to be a very small number of students.

What is Microsoft teams?

Microsoft teams is a chat-based collaboration tool that provides groups of people with the ability to work together and share information via a common space. It is an online platform where students can access work set by their teachers, upload completed work and contact staff if they have any questions.

It can be viewed on any device, phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Students can also download the Teams “app” though the apple app store or google play

How do I get Microsoft teams?

Students all have free access to Microsoft Teams because they have an office 360 account. All students need to do is type “Microsoft teams” into their search engine (such as google) and then follow the steps to log in.

What is my Microsoft Teams username and password?

Students need to use the username and password which they use to log on to the computers in school. A student’s user name is their school e-mail address. Typically this will be the year they started followed by the letters “AN”, a sequence of numbers and ending in @rudheathsenioracaemy.org.uk. For example, 18AN5092@rudheathsenioracademy.org.uk.

All students have created their own passwords.

What do I do if my password won’t work?

If there are any technical issues such as not being able to log on or passwords not working then Mr Bennett, our IT support officer can be contacted at:


What do I do I my child has no internet access?

Each subject has created a home learning pack which are available for collection for students with no internet access. Please note- there will only be packs for students with no internet access to avoid unnecessary paper wastage.

What if I have been isolating and my child needs a pack?

School will be open next week for people to collect packs from reception.

How much work should my child be doing and how will it be monitored?

There is a suggested schedule on the website and social media to help students to keep some daily routine. Staff will be able to set deadlines for handing in work and staff are also able to monitor who is logging on to the platform. Staff will be available on the “chat” facility to assist students. Please remember that while staff will be logged on as frequently as possible, they too may be caring for family members in isolation. All queries will be answered as soon as possible.