Year 7 Hub

The move to secondary school means many changes for children – so we make every effort to know and understand the needs of individuals to try to ensure a seamless transition.

Our curriculum is designed to inspire and excite pupils, providing them with a connected approach to their learning which builds on their primary school experiences and establishes the key foundations for secondary school success.

Through the values of ‘excellence’ and ‘kindness’ our carefully thought out curriculum will develop children’s knowledge, skills and understanding in a broad and balanced topic-based approach. We aim to understand each child as an individual, putting in place a provision to best meet their academic and social needs whilst challenging and inspiring them equally.

A love of learning will be developed through the delivery of engaging experiences – both inside and outside of the classroom – planned by subject specialists who will be responsible for supporting children throughout their time at Rudheath Senior Academy.

Our curriculum is designed to:

  • Foster self-belief, aspiration and achievement through teamwork and individual expression, based on high standards of attainment, behaviour, presentation and mutual respect.
  • Support not only students’ academic progress but also their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  • Cultivate the values of ‘excellence’ and ‘kindness’.

A dedicated class teacher will take responsibility for one of five individual classes, improving the transition from primary to secondary school by phasing the support required in-line with the needs of the students in our context.

Children will learn in a recently refurbished, bespoke learning hub designed to both inspire and meet the needs of all students as part of the multi-million pound renovation of the academy. This environment will be used to showcase end of unit outcomes, bringing the school community together to celebrate outstanding achievement.